Why don't you support ..?

I've had several requests regarding changing from splay to other, less CPU intensive players. The reason I used splay in the first place, is that it was the fastest one around when I started with the project(Actually I used l3dec and bwavplay originally ;).
Unfortunately I have plenty of work left to complete on the user interface and will concentrate on that first, before I start with writing interfaces to more players.
The Jukebox has very little knowledge regarding the player, it only knows that it supports a few messages, and that it will reply in certain ways to certain events.
Basically, what I want to say with this, is that if you want to write the interface between Jukebox and another player, you're quite welcome, and once you're done, I'll gladly include it in my next distribution.

As of this date, mpg123 and amp supports the Jukebox, thanks to Michael Hipp and Edouard Lafargue.