What is the Sajber Jukebox?

The Sajber Jukebox is a mpeg layer 3 player with a graphical user interface. It's based on Woo-jae Jung's splay for the audio and QT's graphical library for the interface. It has the following features:




The Sajber Jukebox was originally developed by Joel Lindholm (wizball@kewl.campus.luth.se). The last version (1.08) was released in February, 1998, under the GNU General Public License. It seems that the jukebox is unsupported by the original author. The original website can (it seems no longer) be found here http://kewl.campus.luth.se/~wizball/jukebox/index.html, I made a local copy here. I, Nerijus Baliunas, am maintaining it now.


2000.08.28. CVS version now has LIRC support by Pablo d'Angelo.

2001.04.01. Version 1.09 released.

2001.07.02. Version 1.10 released.

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