What is the Sajber Jukebox? Well, it's a mpeg layer 3 player with a graphical user interface. It's based on Woo-jae Jung's splay for the audio and QT's graphical library for the interface. It's another one of my projects that went a bit overboard, as it originally just was intended as a randomizer for the songs on my friend's computer, Sajber.



Currently known bugs:

Future additions:


A mailinglist has been set up for discussions and announcements regarding the Sajber Jukebox. If you wish to join, follow this link.

If you encounter a bug, make an addition or bugfix, have an idea or a comment, please send an email to wizball@kewl.campus.luth.se or the mailinglist.

For a description about the various controls and features, check the manual page(v1.0) or the development manual(v1.08).

A note to the crafty.